Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Greg Rajan gives some odds

Our Buddy Greg Rajan does some looking at the Hooks' roster to determine who should move up, who should be back, and who should, uh, not.

A quick spoiler alert, those who Rajan says should not return, with a pull from Rajan's comments in parentheses (click the link to see the whole article - well worth your read):

Jon Gaston: It’s become apparent his monster year in High-A was a product of Lancaster’s launching pad.

Kyle Greenwalt: Took his lumps as both a starter and reliever here, which might mean a ticket back to Lancaster.

Brad James: It’s time to cut the cord.

Blake King: Claimed off waivers from St. Louis and had an alarming number of walks.

T.J. Steele: Somewhere in Houston, there’s an Astros official who views him as a five-tool prospect. Hooks fans didn’t see that form in two seasons.

Jose Carlos Thompson: First-year pro might be best served by playing regularly at a lower level.