Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Would you rather be Brad Mills, or the Jefferson County (Alabama) manager?

That's the question posed by AL.com's Joey Kennedy:

My first thought when I read News staff writer Barnett Wright's al.com blast that Hoover Mayor Tony Petelos was going to interview for the Jefferson County manager's job was: Hey, Tony, are you on something? That'd be like managing the Houston Astros. Heck, worse.

Let's break down the pros and cons, shall we?

Brad Mills

*Makes an unknown, yet likely impressive, salary.
*Flies on chartered jets.
*Watches baseball 162 times a year.

*Is hammered on blogs, even though not in press.
*Watches Astros baseball 162 times a year, and can't change the channel.
*Watching Astros baseball 162 times a year has led to temporary insanity, resulting in sticking Jason Michaels in the lineup regularly.

Jefferson County manager

*Alabama's most-populated county
*Probably would live in Birmingham, which is a nice little place.
*Great news: the bridge on Grant's Mill Road will re-open after 18 months of being closed.

*Jefferson County just got sued by the Federal Government for overcrowded jails.
*You get compared to the manager of the Astros.

You decide!