Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Greg Rajan brings the noise

In the second of two articles by Rajan that are worth your time today, Greg Rajan brings the noise about the Astros organization. It's hard to blame him, he had to watch the Hooks go 50-90 (at least they got to 50 before the Astros did) - the worst record of any team playing affiliated baseball.

We're talking about the organization that has run the gamut on making awful decisions, from monumentally bad first-round picks (Eli Iorg or Max Sapp, anyone?) to forfeiting draft picks to sign big-dollar free agents who went bust to being cheap and not signing draft picks, period, thus eroding their talent base. A culture change is needed, post haste...

...discontent seems to be festering among the Hooks' fan base. Loyal to a fault — the team was second in Texas League attendance at 5,645 per game — even the die-hards can only take so much.