Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wandy heading towards salary dump status

The New York Post's Joel Sherman tweeted that an AL executive said the Astros were asking for a big return for Wandy, even within the last few weeks.

Now it "will take little at deadline to get rid of most of his contract."

What a difference a year makes. 90 minutes before the trade deadline last year, the Astros received offers on Wandy, but "didn't hear anything they liked." Now they're apparently leaning towards dumping his salary less than six months after signing him to his long-term deal.

FanGraphs looks like Nostradmus when they wrote of Wandy's deal:
The odds are long that the Astros will get anything of real value for their money or years.

It's sad that it has come to this.


Anonymous said...

Like I said before, I'd rather have a dumb billionaire rather than a smart millionaire. Crane doesnt have the money needed to run a legit ML ballclub

stdjcs33 said...

This should not be a salary dump. Crane should compensate a team around 6 mil with Wandy and be able to return a top 50 prospect plus a couple of other high potential prospects. It is amazing the return that is talked about with Ubaldo when over the past year, since his amazing first two months of 2010, his ERA has almost been a complete run higher than Wandy's. I know that he is younger, but Wandy doesn't rely on overpowering stuff so you won't see the sharp decline that you would see in Ubaldo. They should not shoot for the moon for Wandy but at least return a good value.

Brian West said...

This is beyond dumb.