Tuesday, July 26, 2011

That Xavier Cedeno/bullpen thing is going to happen from here out

Greg Rajan tweeted (and here) that last night's relief appearance for Xavier Cedeno is pretty much how it's going to be over the last six weeks of the season:

Apparently Xavier Cedeno will be working out of the bullpen now, despite leading the Texas League in strikeouts. It's believed the move was made to keep his innings down after not pitching at all last year. From a winning standpoint, doesn't make sense.

Cedeno did not pitch in 2010, and threw 63.2IP in 2009. Currently he's sitting at 114IP, so from a winning standpoint, no, it doesn't make sense. But Corpus is also 39-61 (though 14-16 in the 2nd half, where they differentiate, and five games back).