Friday, January 28, 2011

Keith Law: Ariel Ovando, Sleeper

Keith Law's been a busybody. And he has a new article up (Insider-Only, of course) identifying a sleeper prospect from each organization who could end up on the 2012 Top 100. The Astros' prospect is Ariel Ovando:

Outfielder Ariel Ovando has -- to use the technical term -- some "big whack" at the plate, a loose frame with room to add and already some feel for hitting.


Patrick said...

how does Law categorize the amatuer who got the highest bonus in org history as a 'sleeper'? Most of the guys he is considering sleepers for other teams are high round picks. I would have expected a Jose Altuve or RJ Alaniz

Grant said...

Yeah Ovando isn't exactly a sleeper. If he shows why he warranted such a bonus I wouldn't be surprised if he's the Astros #1 prospect by season's end. I think Keith Law just wanted to introduce his non-Astros fan readers to a potential future superstar.