Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday night Roymors

Lots of speculation tonight - so much so that we won't subject you to an individual post for each one (though as we're just about 230 posts from 5000, it's not a bad idea).

Buster Olney:
The Phillies' trade for Roy Oswalt that has been discussed is likely to include three or four teams -- if it happens.

Buster, later:
A third team that was involved in the Phillies-Oswalt talks has backed out. Philly-Houston now dealing head to head.

Ken Rosenthal:
Phillies clearly exploring options besides Oswalt. In on Lilly, Cook, others; Beimel for 'pen.

Jayson Stark:
The Phillies and Astros have intensified talks in the last 24 hours about a deal that would send Roy Oswalt to Philadelphia, sources said. But major financial obstacles remain that could still stand in the way of this trade being completed before Saturday's trading deadline...

...Officials of multiple teams that have been speaking with the two clubs said Wednesday they believed the Phillies and Astros were close enough to agreeing on the players who would go to Houston that the players were no longer viewed as a major obstacle. The Astros would receive pitcher J.A. Happ, plus prospects. But the teams were said to be "not in total agreement" yet on the prospects.

The issue, of course, is the money. Stark reports that the Phillies have taken Jayson Werth off the market, so they'll be adding the rest of Roy's payroll (which, if I'm not mistaken, is around $7 million for the rest of this year).

Despite reports to the contrary, the Phillies have gotten no indication that the 32-year-old right-hander has dropped his request that the Phillies pick up his option for 2012. The Phillies have already balked at that demand.

Yet Stark reports that Roy is still the Phillies' top priority, so maybe there's a way that the Astros haven't completely screwed this up.