Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drayton: 60-40 chance that Roy will be traded

Drayton lays the odds of Roy being traded at 60-40, according to Zach Levine.

"I'd say it's about 60 percent that something could be done and 40 percent that Roy will be here next year."

An exasperated Oswalt, clearly tiring of the attention that his marketability has brought, said he hasn't been approached about a deal. He reiterated that his sole focus between now and Friday's start against the Brewers would be preparing for the Milwaukee lineup.

This is unbelievable. If the Astros have three tradeable pitchers (Oswalt, Myers, and Wandy), and the ace asks for a trade in May, and they can't get any of them done, this front office would challenge the Tim Purpura years as the worst front office in Astros history. Roy hasn't made it easy - that's well-documented, and we'll save our wrath for 3:01pm Central time - but if nothing happens, this would be a complete and utter disaster.