Thursday, July 29, 2010

Berman: Astros Await Oswalt's OK on Trade to Phillies

Mark Berman, Sports Director for KRIV Fox 26 in Houston, is reporting that the Astros have a deal in place with the Phillies to trade Oswalt, pending his approval.

Sources told FOX 26 the Astros have approached Oswalt. He is aware of the deal that is on the table and the club is waiting for his response. MLB sources told FOX 26 the Astros and Phillies have agreed on the amount of money Houston will take back in the deal and the two teams have agreed on the players Philadelphia will be sending.

Footer Tweets that she will not be able to get confirmation on the report until tomorrow, but did have this to say regarding Berman:

[F]or what it's worth Berman is never wrong when he goes that far w/ his reporting. He is 100 % or he doesn't go with it.

McTaggart is also unable to confirm the story, though he has tried

When contacted late Wednesday, Astros general manager Ed Wade declined comment on trade discussions, and Oswalt could not be reached for comment.

Stay tuned, I’m sure The Constable will be all over this one come daybreak…