Friday, July 23, 2010

Roy speaks!

Roy had a little exchange with Alyson Footer about his situation:

Oswalt says '12 option won't be deal breaker if approached with a trade offer that suits him. "I'm going to find a way to get it done. I'm not going to go somewhere where it's going to be bad for me. And I don't want to put the Astros in a bad situation."

Footer sums it up:

This isn't rocket science. Desirable team = no option requirement. Undesirable team = option requirement.

I'll let y'all take it from here with the "putting the Astros in a bad situation" quote.


Andrew said...

So, for a desirable team he only wants to stay till 2011, for an undesirable team he wants to stay till 2012? That doesn't make sense.

Andrew said...

Here is some more info from Alyson that you might want to add to the post:

@ukkev82 if it's true the Dodgers and Yankees are interested, those are two desirable destinations as well.

Joe said...

Well lets hope Philadelphia pitches very badly the next couple series so we can take the more favorable three team trade involving the Rays. What are the chances that Drayton takes on 10 million instead of the proposed 7.5 million initially reported if the Phillies budge and pick up the option? The Cards offer is laughable at best.