Friday, July 23, 2010

Roy: $16 million "no big deal"

Zach Levine may not be used to such a crowded clubhouse, because most media types aren't usually this interested in what the Astros are doing this late in the season. However, they're all interested in Roy, and that pesky little $16 million option.

"The money part I can work out with anybody, that's no big deal. We can work on doing different things as far as restructuring whatever they want to do; That's not a big deal. I'm going to find a way to get it done if it works for both of us. I'm not going to go somewhere that's going to be bad for me."

There were lots of people not commenting. Ed Wade. Bob Garber (but hey, at least Levine got Garber on the phone.) How frequently are Roy and Garber in contact?

"He filled me in on some of the stuff I've seen on TV, but other than that, I've told him, 'Don't call me every day.'"

I love it. I imagine this:
(ring) Roy: Yeah?
Garber: Hey.
Roy: (sniff) What's...uh. What's up?
Garber: Did you see SportsCenter?
Roy: Yeah.
Garber: Alright, then.
Roy: Alright.
Garber: Talk to you Monday.
(bulldozer starts).

Wade, in a rare moment of candor:
"Obviously at this point in time, we're proably more in the sell mode, but that being said, we're not compelled to have to really do anything. If you're talking about deals that are prospect-driven, you're talking about hopefully players who are going to arrive faster than a draft pick would. We're open-minded to anything, whether it's a case of improving the club now or for the future. Obviously we would love to be in a situation where if we were to do something it presents both opportunities. We get players right now and players that would help us for a long period of time."

Aha! A plan! Open-minded until August 1.