Friday, July 23, 2010

Interview with Delino DeShields Jr's baseball coach

Captip to The Crawfish Boxes for finding the link. Here's a good Q&A with Jim Minor, Delino DeShields Jr's head coach at Woodward Academy (note to selves: Why didn't we think of that?).

On DeShields:
Well he's a tremendous athlete and a tremendous player, and it's been a pleasure to have somebody on your team like that. A lot of teams in our region, teams that know us, in his junior and senior year people tried to pitch around him. Which is smart, it's what I would have done too (laughs). So a lot of times in ballgames people might throw him four straight balls and he walks, steals second, steals third, and manufactures a run. He had some big games for us where he'd hit a big home run, but a lot of times people tried to be super careful with him because he was a good hitter.