Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Drayton might actually be getting it.

Great news from Zach Levine yesterday, regarding what Drayton is willing to do to get maximum value from Roy.

Astros owner Drayton McLane said Monday that the team was “willing to look at anything” between now and the trade deadline and that he will not rule out absorbing a portion of a contract if it allows the Astros to get better prospects in a trade.

Drayton added that "nothing is imminent" right now.

Wait. He may not be getting it:
“We’re still in it in this year, 2010. When Ed put the team together in December and January, I thought it would be an improvement over the previous year. Lance and Carlos (Lee) and Hunter (Pence) for a time weren’t hitting well, and Pedro Feliz hasn’t been hitting the way we thought he would. We still think there’s a chance to play well the rest of this season.”

Can you think of another time - not even limiting it to sports - in which someone's refusal to give up completely infuriated you? The Astros are 26-44, 12.5GB of the NLC lead. And it's not like the team is better on paper. Their 146 extra-base hits are worst in the NL. They're the only NL team with an OBP under .300. Their .334 SLG is worst in the NL - by 27 points. And Brad Mills has outperformed the Pythagorean W-L by four wins.

I have to give it to Drayton, he won't throw in the towel. And while that's fist-pumping awesome in Rocky, it really sucks for us, because there's a pretty decent chance that Roy will just be pissed off in Houston for the next year and a half.