Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wade to Bogusevic: You're doing great, stay where you are

Ed Wade was asked about the possibility of making more moves as the Astros' calendar now reads "2011."

"We like the progress that some of the guys down in AAA are making, specifically Brian Bogusevic. Realistically, Brian at this time needs a lot of at-bats with him making the transition to the outfield."

It's a fair point, I suppose. But since switching to the outfield from the mound in 2008, Bogusevic has compiled 1,055 plate appearances, with 2009 coming as his first full season at the plate. Still, in those plate appearances he's hitting .288/.356/.414 for his career (after blasting Corpus for .371/.447/.556). Just for comparison, Berkman had 1,224 plate appearances in the minors before getting called up (but didn't hit lower than .293 over a minor-league season).

Chris Sampson is expected to be reinstated from the DL today, but a corresponding roster move has not yet been identified.