Sunday, February 7, 2010

An NL Talent Evaluator speaks about C1

It turns out that an NL Talent Evaluator sees an opening at C1 in Houston. And I bet he didn't have to evaluate too terribly hard to figure that out. Still, let's see what we see, in reference to Mets catcher Omir Santos:

"Either he will be beaten out by Josh Thole or they will beat out the Mariners or possibly the Astros for Rod Barajas. Those are the only two clubs that have any type of opening at the position."

I don't see the Astros bringing in Barajas. They tried the Let's-Bring-In-An-Older-Catcher thing last year, and it didn't work out - though trading him was the best part of signing him, in that now the Astros have Nevarez and Vallejo.

Still, and I could be way off because I didn't think the Astros would sign Pudge, either, I just don't think the Astros will pay Barajas any more than $2.13/hour + tips.