Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Monroe News-Star is hateful

In their Sunday Take on Sports, the Monroe News-Times gave their (expert, obviously) opinion on the Johnny Damon fiasco:

Just two weeks before spring training, Johnny Damon is still looking for a baseball team. What gives?

Keith Prince: He’s got a $14 million opinion of himself and that’s a tad more than anybody else has in mind.
Tabby Soignier: The Red Sox are like the Sopranos: You turn your back on them, they’re going to get you sooner or later. The curse is on, Damon. You better beg for forgiveness or you’re going to end up with the Nationals.
Krysten Oliphant: The Astros will take him! Oh wait, no, we’re busy blowing millions of dollars on our own washed up former stars. Sorry, no room for you here.

In essence, Oliphant is correct: there's no room for him here. But, uh, ouch.