Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zach Levine has some reasons for optimism

Immediately following Justice's soul-crushing piece on the ineptitude of Run-DMc, Zach Levine has some reasons to be optimistic about 2010. There are only three. I've got the first sentence, click the link for the rest:

With Bud Norris' innings issue out of mind, the sophomore-or-less could be a big upgrade over having a season's worth of starts from Mike Hampton and Russ Ortiz.

Brad Mills could squeeze (and please, not squeeze in the baseball sense) a few wins out of a similarly talented team to what Cecil Cooper had.

In my opinion, if you're an optimist about the 2010 Astros, you're looking for big things from your familiar faces.

Here's what I'm optimistic about:

1. Bobby Heck has another draft in 2010

2. Lyles/Seaton/Dydalewicz/Villar move to Corpus, with Clemens and Gaston

3. Drew Locke moves to Round Rock

What? You noticed there wasn't anything about the Big League club? How astute you are...