Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drayton apparently talking salary cap again

Justice brings it in his new blog post today, and the jumping off point is Drayton apparently going on SiriusXM talking about the salary cap.

The Astros have enough revenues to win. In fact, at times they've had too much money. They'll throw $100 million at a two-tool free agent and take a hard line with a five-tool draft pick. The puzzling thing is that Drayton ran this franchise so well for so long. Now it's like he has lost his way...

...If a salary cap would turn dumb into smart, then let's get us a salary cap. What a joke the Astros have become. Take a look around you, Drayton. You're an industry laughingstock. Almost no one in the business thinks you have a chance of competing as long as you're the owner.

Do you ever get the feeling there's a great party going on next door, and you weren't invited? That's how it is to care about the Astros these days. Moves here, moves there. People moving out, people moving in. The Brewers get better. The Mariners get better. The Braves get better. Meanwhile, the Astros aren't even trying.

Their two biggest needs are starting pitching and home runs, and they've acquired neither this winter. They've pretty much made it clear they have no intention of improving the club this winter...

We've been down this road so many times before that it's boring going over it all again. It's just that with Lee, Lackey, etc., moving, it pointed up how far the Astros are from being competitive, or even trying to be competitive.