Monday, December 7, 2009

Crasnick has some notes for us

As the Winter Meetings heat up, AC will have relevant updates throughout the day, and depending on the good graces of La Constabless, throughout the evening, up until bedtime.

On that note, Jerry Crasnick tells us that the Rangers are in for Brett Myers, but only if he'll take a one-year deal, while his agent is looking for a multi-year deal. Will the Astros be the team that gives him 2+ years?

Will the Astros have enough money to do it, even if they want to? That depends on Jose Valverde's arbitration decision, due by 11:59pm (Eastern) tonight. Furthermore, Crasnick kind of confirms that the Astros don't have very much money to spend, "unless Drayton has a change of heart."

If Valverde accepts, will that change of heart come?