Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What happens if the Astros finish .500?

That's the question Richard Justice asks.

My money is on Cecil Cooper and most of his coaching staff being Drayton's scapegoat. I think Ed Wade is safe because, well, OK, actually I have no idea why Ed Wade would be safe...

... There's just one problem with firing Coop and the coaches. They may be part of the problem, but they're certainly not the ones that screwed this thing up. It's not like they turned a 100-62 team and coached it down to 75-87. How could Drayton fire him without getting rid of some of the other people that created this mess? Why do they get a pass? Why would be single out Coop and allow everyone else to keep whistling to work...?

... Wouldn't an 82-80 record be a kick in the pants? Suddenly, Coop would have taken Ed's bad team and turned it into a winner.

Fire him? Heck, they might have to extend his contract a couple of years. About the only way Drayton could justify firing Coop after an 82-80 season is to announce he's unhappy with the direction things are going and do a top-to-bottom housecleaning.

I don't see him doing that. If the Astros finish 82-80, maybe Drayton will do nothing. He'll announce he likes the way things are headed and see you in Kissimmee, folks.

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