Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Levine's Minor League Notebook

As the minor-league season wrapped up yesterday (and we'll have a full season-ending report in the coming days), Zach Levine offers up some interesting notes:

-This is the second year in a row no minor-league team has finished above .500.

“It's something we have to pay attention to. We have to be competitive. You want to build championship-caliber players, those kids need to experience success along the way. You can't be three or four years of 20 under .500 at the development level, now go win at the big league level. You've got to create an environment where they have the ability to be a part of a winning situation...

...“We knew that taking our draft pool and the young Latins and the kids left over from extended (spring training) and stocking three clubs was going to create some holes in each of those teams.”

-Tri-City's J.D. Martinez won the NYPL batting title
-It's inferred that Koby Clemens, Jon Gaston, Jordan Lyles, and Ross Seaton might start 2010 at Corpus. This would be a natural progression for Koby and Gaston, and a level jump for Lyles and Seaton.