Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meat Wagon Update

The Meat Wagon is making some additional stops at Minute Maid Park, with an Express to Memorial Southwest.

Roy left his start on Saturday with more back spasms. Ed Wade:
“(Trainer) Nate (Lucero) called me this morning and just said (Oswalt) had some upper-respiratory congestion or whatever. Instead of waiting until the doctor got over here, I think he’s seeing Dr. (Jim) Muntz just to make sure. All indications I’ve gotten from Dewey (Robinson) and Nate are that he should be ready to go in his next start. He just went to the doctor’s office to get checked out.”
Mike Hampton was moved from the 15-day DL and placed on the 60-day DL (because 60-day DL players don't count towards the 40-man roster), to make room for the Call-Ups. Matt Kata was optioned off the 40-man roster, as well.
Keppinger wasn't available to pinch-hit, and Erstad could pinch-hit, but has some neck discomfort. Wade:
“Erstad’s had a little bit of a neck thing. He got an injection, I think, after Saturday’s game. He’s feeling better today. He’s available to pinch hit. Keppinger’s probably still going to be a couple of days with his back tightened up on him. Nate (Lucero is) assuming it’s going to be similar to … when it happened previously and it was like a three- to five-day thing. And we’re in day No. 3 now.”

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