Friday, June 12, 2009

Valverde a Yankees target?

Ken Rosenthal seems to think it's a possibility:

The Yankees, in dire need of a setup man, eventually will target the best available late-inning relievers — the Rockies' Huston Street, Diamondbacks' Chad Qualls and Astros' Jose Valverde...Valverde has been on the disabled list since April 26 with a right calf strain. The last thing the Yankees would want is a health risk, so other relievers such as the Orioles' Danys Baez also could appear on their wish list.

I would think that a calf strain is less of an injury concern, than say, shoulder problems, or another injury that involves structural damage. The calf strain comes as a result of taking a liner off the leg, so once it's healed, there wouldn't be much lingering damage.

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Ty said...

I didn't like KR's attitude in yesterday's OTL vid. So, I would like to vote for him to get -1 for this comment and seemingly lazy journalism. The same type of journalism he basically accused the other guy of. :(