Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lineup notes for Opening Day

JJO posted a blog on the potential Opening Day lineup, in which P-ez will bat 2nd tomorrow, "which might be where he'll hit this season for the Astros."

What does this look like then?
1. Matsui
2. Pudge
3. Berkman
4. Lee
5. Tejada
6. Pence
7. Johnson/Blum
8. Bourn

I'm only guessing on 7-8, but that's what I'm guessing would happen. Putting Bourn on 1st with less than two outs means a nice sac bunt puts him on 2nd with Matsui up. Then a base hit would pretty easily score Bourn. What do you think?

Within those notes, Wandy is named SP2, pitching on short rest next week lines Wandy up to start Gm2 on April 7 against the Cubs.

And Backe now must now hope the Astros don't release him, as he hasn't pitched since March 8 and will very clearly not be ready for Opening Day.

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