Saturday, March 21, 2009

Acknowledging an error

I found out today I have been mis-remembering information. So in the spirit of accountability, I must correct this wrong. In this piece, it's being noted that C4 Lou Palmisano was offered back to the Brewers, who owned his rights. I've been saying he would go back to the Orioles. That's not correct. The Orioles selected him in the Rule 5 draft, and traded him to the Astros. So he would go back to the Brewers if he didn't make the 25-man roster. Which was expected following Pudge's signing.

So the Astros offered him back to the Brewers, who are all set at catcher, and the Brewers said "No, thank you." Using context clues, Palmisano would have had to decline free agency, and has since been declined by the Brewers. That means the Astros can send him to the minors, where he will most likely head to Corpus Christi.

I'm actually very excited about this. Palmisano wasn't faring well, but is still a catcher in his mid-20s working his way through the system.

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