Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update on Valverde's financials + Paul LoDuca

Brian McTaggart's article on Valverde's financials indicated the following performance bonuses:

NL Rolaids Relief winner = $100,000
Most Valuable Player of the NLCS or World Series = $50,000
All-Star appearance, Gold Glove or Silver Slugger award = $25,000 each.

That Silver Slugger bonus is a pretty safe $25,000.

Easy Eddie also mentioned discussing a long-term deal with Valverde's agent before deciding to get the one-year deal done and talk about that extension later. At least Valverde/his agent (Bill Rego) are open to it...

Buried in this article is the nugget that Paul LoDuca has been in negotiations with the Astros. This is odd, because that means there's Quintero, Towles, Palmisano and possibly now LoDuca behind the plate.