Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*The biggest Astros news of the day was that Former Astros Great Jeff Luhnow has sued the Houston Astros in Harris County District Court for $22m for a breach of contract, alleging that his firing was negotiated between Jim Crane and Rob Manfred. ESPN:

Luhnow's attorneys wrote in the filing that the agreement between Crane and Manfred 'scapegoated Luhnow for a sign-stealing scandal that he had no knowledge of and played no part in.'

Luhnow wants a jury trial and hoooooboy would that be something. Just from a "burn it all down" perspective I want this to happen.

In the filing we find Luhnow's lawyers alleging that Tom Koch-Weser, the Astros' director of advance information and the "Dark Arts/Codebreaker" guy, was told by the Astros that he could keep his job as long as he implicated Luhnow. 

Brian T. Smith: The lawsuit adds more tarnish to the once-golden Astros era.

David Barron says not to expect some grand John Grisham-esque courtroom drama - it'll likely play out in a closed-door arbitration case.

*Kyle Lewis was the unanimous 2020 AL Rookie of the Year. He hit .262/.364/.437 for the Mariners in 58 games. Ten of those games were against Houston, Lewis hit .303/.439/.485 with 2HR and 5RBI, both of which feels low by about 20. Cristian Javier finished 3rd.

*Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Astros are trying to work out a deal with Michael Brantley.

*Houston has checked in on Jackie Bradley, Jr. 

*At least ten teams - of which the Astros may or may not be one - have expressed interest in Charlie F. Morton, who is leaning towards a 1yr deal with an option for a 2nd.

*Toronto has expressed interest in George Springer. I have expressed interest in Indian food for lunch today.

*Tony LaRussa was charged with a DUI the day before the White Sox hired him, if you want to know how that's going. And the White Sox knew, and hired him anyway.

*The Athletic's Eno Sarris: Your favorite pitcher is probably cheating.

*A Musical Selection: