Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thursday Morning Hot Links

There isn't much to report today, but it turns out that I somehow kind of miss doing this. So here we go! I do hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving and if you're staying at home instead of meeting up with family, you're not alone. AC HQ is doing the same thing. If you're joining a massive family gathering, I do hope you take plenty of precautions. This pandemic isn't permanent, but we sure can extend the hell out of it. 

*Will Leitch runs down the most likely destinations for George Springer.

*Brian McTaggart has an inbox about possible Springer replacements (should it come to that), the possibility of a Robinson Chirinos reunion, Yordan, Verlander, Michael Brantley, and Sugar Land.

*Bob Klapisch: 2021 Spring Training could be delayed by 4-6 weeks with the possibility of another shortened season.

*"Where the hell did that come from?" Wrexham fans reflect on the purchase of their soccer team by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McIlhenny.

*Diego Maradona passed away on Wednesday at the age of 60. I mean, screw that guy AND SCREW THE REFEREES who allowed his Hand of God goal to stand, but Maradona was a genius. A brilliant, self-destructive genius, but a genius nonetheless. If you have access to HBO, you should definitely check out the documentary about him.


*Texas Monthly: Hundreds of people are knitting sweaters for a hairless possum in Lubbock.

*NY Times: 100 Notable Books of 2020.

*Outside: In the Hill Country, these veterans find community through trail running. Last week I tripped on the dog and then tripped on something else, and fell backwards into the side of the couch. I have bruised ribs, possibly cracked, pulled - possibly torn - a muscle near my kidney. This happened right as I was recovering from a broken foot in July when I slipped on some water on the tile near my back door. 2020 can suck it. Running trails sounds awesome. And good for those Vets.

*A Musical Selection: