Wednesday, May 20, 2020

'Rona/Politics-Free Hot Links, Vol. 30

A quick note: I deleted Twitter from my phone (Facebook, too, for largely the same reasons I'm about to explain). I found myself constantly scrolling to see what was happening RIGHT NOW. I had to know. Everything I saw that pissed me off (which doesn't take much, to be honest) could get me so incredibly angry that I would throw my phone. It was impacting how good of a husband and father I was. I know how silly it sounds, a grown-ass man who can't handle social media, knowing all the pitfalls (and straw-men, and bad-faith arguments, and willful ignorance) that come with it, but my wife and daughter have auto-immune issues so we have basically been at home for over two months, aside from a few trips to the grocery store and driving around a little bit. I am throwing in the towel on trying to be The Most Informed Man in the World. Over the past few days, I've checked Twitter maybe twice. It has been liberating and wonderful. I finished one book, and started another. I actually used a chainsaw to trim trees in our backyard (I forgot to take off my wedding ring, though, so my ring finger is one long blister) and built a fire last night. I'm Online way too much, and I'm trying to remedy that. Online is an exhausting place, and you don't have to be there. Too much of my identity is wrapped up in Astros Twitter, and as soon as I understood the ridiculousness of that statement, I knew it was time to go for a while. There's just more to this than [waves hands] this.

Some other stuff has probably happened in the previous five days, but I wouldn't really know. And I'm okay with that. Meanwhile:

*Check out my Legit Buddy AstrosFansUK's new podcast, featuring Todd Kalas.

*McTaggart has his Top 5 Astros DHs. I guess we now live in a world where Carlos Pena's .674 OPS in 2013 doesn't exist...

*Chandler Rome: How MLB's spitting ban could affect the Astros.

*Ken Rosenthal: How Lebron James' media empire spurred Alex Bregman to leave his agent. It has to do with the upcoming documentary on the 2017 sign-stealing.

*Chris Sale: The 2017 Astros cheated, but it got blown out of proportion.

*Tim Kurkjian: Roger Clemens was a power-pitcher through and through.

*Lookit Anaheim social distancing in 1997! Well done!
*Minor-League Baseball is in crisis.

*How an 8-year old inspired the Mets' coaching staff to train for a marathon.

*ESPN's Sam Miller: Hunches, home runs, and humiliations. Nine tales of unsung World Series heroes.

*FiveThirtyEight: Andruw Jones had a damn good glove.

*This is insane:

*A few towns in Michigan are screwed.

*The All-American Nightmares of Jordan Peele.