Friday, May 22, 2020

'Rona/Politics-Free Hot Links, Vol. 31

Yes, The Last Dance was cool, and necessary in these Trying Times. But I'm super-pumped about the Lance Armstrong documentary, which starts this Sunday evening on ESPN. Also, and this is very unrelated: If you say the name "Pete Wentz" to me, I automatically assume it's Kyle from Party Down.

*Jeff Bagwell's June 24, 1994 game against the perennial silver medalist Los Angeles Dodgers is's best single-game offensive performance in franchise history.

*Alex Bregman was voted as the Astros' best glove.

*The Astros will be opening up Minute Maid for individual workouts soon.

*The Astros' 1988 Draft was the best in franchise history, according to The 1988 Draft gave the Astros Kenny Lofton, Luis Gonzalez, and the soon-to-be fired Scott Servais.

I know what you're thinking, because I was thinking it, too: What about 2012?

It's true that Carlos Correa has posted 24.5 bWAR since his debut. It's also true that eight of the Astros' first nine picks in 2012 have also made the Majors, even if for a handful of games. But those non-Correa picks have combined for 6.3 bWAR - and that includes Lance McCullers' 6.2 bWAR.

*Former Astros Great Doug Brocail was on Buster Olney's podcast, which was likely recorded from the bottom of a Vermont well.

*Greg Rajan: The two former Astros' minor-leaguers who went on to win four Stanley Cups.

*Richard Justice: Trei Cruz is looking to become a 3rd-generation Major Leaguer.

*SI's Emma Baccellieri talked to the two people who used to hand-make every team's MLB schedule to see how they would approach the 2020 season. If you haven't seen The Schedule Makers, you definitely should.

*The Athletic: Yoga, Plyometrics, & Vomit - Inside James Harden's boot camp.

*The icy village where you must remove your appendix.

*Vox: The Haunting of Girlstown.

*35 million people still play Microsoft Solitaire.