Friday, May 15, 2020

'Rona/Politics-Free Hot Links, Vol. 29

*RIP Bob Watson. In 14 seasons with the Astros, Watson hit .297/.364/.444, for an OPS+ of 130, and six seasons of over 3.0 fWAR. Watson is still 3rd on the Astros' franchise record list with a career .297 average (only Moises and Altuve have a higher BA with the Astros), 9th in OBP, 19th in SLG.

In 1982 Watson was traded by the Yankees to Atlanta for Scott Patterson, aka Luke from Gilmore Girls. A little over four years ago I wrote about Watson scoring MLB's One Millionth Run. Watson also was the first player to hit for the cycle in both the NL and AL, and the first African-American GM to win the World Series.

Jake Kaplan: Enos Cabell, on Bob Watson. Cabell:
He was always the stable one. Me, J.R (Richard), and a few other people, we'd want to jump up and own and Bull would say sit down. He hardly ever cussed. You know me, I'll say it. But Bull would not say it. He would just grab you and tell to sit down. What are you going to do? You're going to sit down.

Dusty, on Bob Watson.

*Obviously Myles Straw is the fastest player on the Astros. Having seen both, Straw makes J.B. Shuck look like Carlos Lee.

*Check out Dream Bracket 2.

*Minute Maid made an appearance on SI's best ballparks in baseball list.

*Nolan Ryan's legend transcend his numbers.

*The Navy released more UFO incident reports. 2020 is so insane the government basically said "Ye, we don't know," and everyone collectively shrugged their shoulders.

*OU (BOOMER!) landed the #1 WR.

Reminder that UT football is like Tiger: Three solid days in July and THEY'RE BACK.