Friday, April 17, 2020

'Rona-Free Hot Links, Vol. 9

*Alex Bregman is almost to his $1m goal for the Houston Food Bank.

*Brian McTaggart says Dustin Garneau could be a future manager. It took me a minute to figure out what a Dustingarneau was.

*Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are donating 25,000 N95 masks to Detroit first responders.

*Never, ever try to embarrass Frank Robinson.

*SI: What it's like to play in an MLB The Show tournament as yourself.

*For many Latino players, Roberto Clemente's #21 is off-limits, too.

*Mental Floss: The town that got away with murder.

*GQ: The gambling nuns of Torrance, California

*Read the June 2019 Texas Monthly profile of Joe Exotic.

*Fiona Apple's new album got a 10 from Pitchfork, a rating which is usually reserved by them for the bass player from Radiohead playing scales over the sounds of whales humping.

*Old School Deadspin: Conquering the Carolina Reaper requires self-deceit, milk, and a lot of barf.

*If you want to read a whole lot about what happened to Leeds United (written by me), then click here.

*This is your brain on silence.

Each day gets better than the next.