Monday, April 20, 2020

'Rona-Free Hot Links, Vol. 10

*The Astros will continue to pay their full-time employees through May 31.

*Alex Bregman is shooting for $2m for the Houston Food Bank.

*Carlos Correa talked to Marly Rivera on the potential return of baseball.

*I really liked The Last Dance and if they would have just played all ten episodes back-to-back, then I would have stayed up until 6am.

*The Astros are 12-10 in Baseball-Reference's simulation of the 2020 season, 3.5 games back of Oakland.

*Random Things:
-Jose Altuve is a double away from 300.
-Up until George Springer went on the IL on May 25, he hit .308/.389/.643.
-Alex Bregman, career OPS by month:
April: .765
May: .902
June: .901
July: .894
August: .985
September: .971

*The Korean Baseball Organization is planning on starting baseball on May 1.

*Tim Kurkjian: The magic of box scores and how an obsession was born.

*Wired: To run my best marathon at age 44, I had to outrun my past.

*GQ: The real-life diet of LSU's Justin Jefferson.

*Outside: Army Ranger School is a laboratory of human endurance.

*Vice: An oral history of American Psycho.