Tuesday, April 21, 2020

'Rona-Free Hot Links, Vol. 11

*Chandler Rome: How does MLB's shutdown hamper the Astros' individual milestones?

*Should the 2020 season start in neutral locations, Texas joins the list of possible sites.

*Jeff Luhnow spearheaded an MLB plan to streamline (i.e., contract) 40 minor-league teams. Sources told Baseball America that MiLB might be ready to agree to it. Then again, maybe not.

*File this under See, Things You Hate to: The silver-medalist Los Angeles Dodgers stand to lose the most from a shortened season.

*Brady Anderson hit a lot of homers and also raced people shirtless in the parking lot of restaurants.

*Fifteen moments that made Ken Griffey, Jr. an MLB icon.

*FanGraphs: Projecting team payrolls for 2021.

*In August 2019 a mysterious explosion took place in Russia. What really happened?

*Wired: A code-obsessed novelist built a writing bot. The plot thickened.

*Outside: How competition climbing went from niche to the Olympics.

*The Lyrid meteor shower will peak tonight.