Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*Justin Verlander had surgery on his correct right groin and is expected to miss six weeks. This, of course, means he may not actually miss any playing time. Verlander's Spring:

February 26: Scratched with "groin discomfort."
March 8: Leaves Grapefruit League start with "sore triceps."
March 9: Diagnosed with mild lat strain.
March 17: Surgery on groin.

James Click:
Initially, the hope was that physical therapy would be the proper course of action. However, after a recent setback in his rehab, the medical staff recommended that a surgical procedure was necessary.

More Click:
He got a second opinion and surgery was recommended. As I understand it, (the surgery) was perfectly successful.

*Continuing with the Venmo Someone Affected theme:
Kristen Brubaker
Haley Hearne
Olivia Wilson
Mark Fuhrer

*Tom Verducci: How a shortened season could dramatically alter 2020.

*Buster Olney: Six ways MLB can make the best of a tough situation.

*MLB Clubs each gave $1m to a fund to help ballpark employees during the Coronavirus outbreak.

*That's cool, and while MLB generated $10.7 Billion in revenues in 2019, there are "active conversations" about how the Astros will try to compensate their minor league players, you know, the organization's future. And somehow this Adopt-A-Minor-Leaguer program is taking off.

If the Astros gave $1m to their minor-league players, it would translate into roughly $5,000 each. That's not an insignificant amount of money in a very uncertain time.

*Imperial College ran a simulation of what would happen if the United States treated COVID-19 like the flu, and didn't do anything. If you don't want to read the report (I understand) the tl;dr version: this could kill millions in the United States, and far more worldwide.

*Inside The Vatican's Coronavirus scare.

*The Coronavirus called America's bluff.

*America's restaurants will need a miracle.

*If you think Jared Kushner will save you, unless you're Jared Kushner (or Trump), you're sadly mistaken.

*Vice: The strange link between pandemics and psychosis.

*Vox: Social distancing for months or a year, or let hundreds of thousands of people die.

*How WW2 saved The Great Gatsby from obscurity.

*A Musical Selection: