Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Morning Hot Links

Welcome, I guess.

*Jared "Crazy Eyes" Hughes opted out of his contract with the Astros, who inexplicably didn't add him to their 40-Man Roster.

*Astros' minor-leaguers - you know, the future of the organization - will get some temporary relief from the Big-League club. 2019 3rd Round pick Jordan Brewer:
Which would be kind of funny being back at home and everyone sees this professional baseball player doing DoorDash. They'd ask if it was some kind of joke. No. Like, I need the money.

*The Athletic's Jake Kaplan has a mailbag in which he addresses the Astros' all-time Houston lineup, 2020 outfield, and future Opening Day starters.

*Chris Sale will miss all of 2020 and most of 2021, if not all, after he undergoes Tommy John Surgery, which seems awfully non-essential to me given the state of the current global pandemic, but some Sully from Brookline will happily do it in his attic.

*Yahoo's Tim Brown and Hannah Keyser have a Coronavirus FAQ on the what/ifs of when (with a very pointed "If") baseball is played in 2020.

*Upwards of 40 minor-league teams might not make it through the season if they can't play games.

*Eno Sarris, Trent Rosencrans, and Jayson Stark came up with their own, home-made, version of "Codebreaker" and how to break it. You can download it for Excel. There's Tyler Bauer quotes. You can get a 90-Day Free Trial from The Athletic. I hitched my wagon to The Athletic's policy on free-lancing, and then I got dropped like 3rd Period French when they moved the goalposts, but they still churn out Good Content.

*The 2020 Draft might get canceled with the possibility of a combined 2020-2021 Draft being considered..

*The self-quarantine for UH's baseball team has been lifted.

*All UIL activities have been suspended/postponed though May 4.


*Sean Payton has it. My wife's 27-year old cousin tested positive (and is in quarantine) as of Wednesday. So many more of us who don't even show symptoms have it. Stay home.

*A Musical Selection: