Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Well, it's win or go home I suppose.

Lots of things happened last night, but it was all Nats last night as everything seemed to break their way. Strasburg has incredible after the first inning and the Astros bats once again went cold when there were RISP. Of course, that's not what the world is talking about at the moment, because that prestigious honor is being held by the controversial interference play late in the game.

I know everybody is anxious for my take, so here it is: Personally, I think it technically was the correct call, and Joe Torre agrees. The problem(s), though, is even though he was interfered with, he definitely beat the throw even if Yuli caught it clean. Plus, the first base bag is entirely inside the basepath in fair territory, so you eventually have to move inside eventually to hit the base or you aren't going to find first. Like I said, I don't mind the call. It's correct. I do think it has to change though for the future. If it's going to be a tough play, I don't think winging the ball *at* the player and hoping for interference is not that great of a concept to encourage. But that's my opinion.

Anyways, I got links.

This World Series is on pace to be the least watched World Series in a hot minute.

Greinke v. Scherzer tonight, but what happens after. Here is some speculation how about the managers may end up treating tonight's deciding game.

Drexler and Olajuwon can still ball.

A.J. Hinch is going to rock some jorts if the Astros pull this one out, if you were still looking for some motivation to take this one home.

The guy that took the baseball off the chest got a free ride to another World Series game and has turned into a Bud Light Mascot of sorts. Remember this night for when somebody hurls a rock at your heart for a chance at a lovely reward.

Team Up Houston is creating a lot of sports industry leaders in lots of sports now, and it's something to be proud of.

A fan flew in from London to watch the Astros play in October. Respect.

The story of Bob Elliott, the Astros Radio Bumper Music Man.

The story of Danny Quiles, the Astros Team Barber who also came up with Yuli's iconic pineapple cut.

Here is the Astros Instagram Roundup if you're like me and don't have nor care about Instagram but also want to know what Josh James is eating right now.