Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros were incredibly frustrating last night and I really don't want to relive it, yet here we are and here we go.

The Astros are not worried about this game 1 loss.

Alex Bregman was picking himself apart for his postseason play so far, and it sounds as if he's sleeping with his bat tonight.

An Astros fan got a fairly unique Jose Altuve tattoo.

Does the record mismatch between these two teams matter at this point?

Mattress Mack will not stop betting money on the Astros and I've typed this before seriously bro calm down someone take his debit card away from him.

Now let's talk about the elephant in the room: the Taubman/Osuna/Reporters debacle.

We have a piece up on Astros County right now that doing some pretty impressive numbers on this topic. It's worth a read.

Do the Astros just not get it?

The Astros discredited the report, but it turned out to be true and is being investigated by the MLB. Could the Astros be seriously penalized?

Taubman apologized, but...he didn't do a really good job.

Oh, and speaking of Osuna, he has been nominated for reliever of the year. Not related, but yeah.

The 2019 World Series is now otherwise known as The Bo Porter Series.

Joe Buck is laughing at his haters on the Internet, which is fair because Joe Buck is actually very very good at his job and it is silly to think otherwise.

An Astros fan lost 150 pounds after realizing that she couldn't fit in the seats at Minute Maid.