Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

Good morning everyone it's game day. Gerrit Cole Day. There are an awful lot of hot links today to delve into, so let's get started.

Let's start with an in-house piece with Brian Arbour's take on the World Series preview.

The Astros are opening up as the biggest World Series favorites since 2007.

Here are the 7 main storylines to follow for this World Series.

Who has the edge in this series, position-by-position?

There has been quite the buzz on Brandon Taubman's comment regarding Roberto Osuna and his comments directed towards female reporters. Sports Illustrated originally broke the story.

The Astros vehemently denied the story, but witnesses seem to say otherwise ($). I'm sure there will be more to come regarding this story in the coming days.

Yordan Alvarez will start the first two games of these series, but the next few games are kind of unclear.

Some tickets for tonight's game are going for up to $10,000 dollars.

Joe West and Angel Hernandez are still not doing playoff baseball games. Thank you, Major League Baseball.

The umpires will be sporting 'COOP' patches on their shirts to honor the life of Eric Cooper, who died tragically recovering from knee surgery.

Yuli is trying to make history by playing a full postseason not striking out all October

Gerrit Cole spoke to the media yesterday about the upcoming series.

Brian McCann and Evan Gattis are coming back soon, among other Houston living legends.

Myles Straw has the potential to cause a real problem for the Nationals this week.

Joe Smith is the active leader in games played without experiencing the World Series. That changes today.

The Astros and Nationals share spring training facilities, and they almost shared players as well.

There are 5 new Astros-themed T-shirts you may want to consider purchasing.

#TBT when Jim Crane got a discount because the Astros were not good. 

Here's the most important things coming to the World Series: the brand new concessions menu!

Goodwill is trying to help you out with some upgraded Astros gear.

This child was born at precisely the same time the Astros took the field. 

This Astros fan is recovering well from being hit by a foul ball during the ALCS Game 6.

And to round everything out, of course, is a piece talking about all these celebrities that are rooting for the Astros in this series that we already knew about years ago.