Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Morning Hot Links

Well the Astros thankfully didn't lose last night. I don't know what it is, but I still think the Astros win this series. Maybe that's my liver crying out for more punishment, I don't know. The Nationals have taken every advantage the Astros have given them, but the Astros lost both of those games rather than the Nationals winning. First pitch is at 7:07pm Central.

*The Nationals practiced staging a trophy presentation.

*A.J. Hinch:
Our guys believe we're going to win the World Series.

*'s David Adler did the math on the possibility of an Astros' comeback, and what needs to happen tonight in order to preserve that possibility.

*McTaggart: Three ways the Astros can climb out of an 0-2 hole.

*Without a DH for the next three games, will Yordan play in the outfield?

*None of the three hits Ryan Pressly allowed had higher than a 48% chance of actually being hits. He got soft-contacted to death.

*It might rain during Game 4.

*SI's Tom Verducci: The Nationals have simply forgotten how to lose. Okay.

*ESPN: For the first time all season the Astros look beatable - very beatable.

*Mike Petriello, on Washington's Game 3 starter Anibal Sanchez and how he doesn't give up hard contact. Well the joke's on him because the Astros' offense has been, oh I see.

*Brandon Taubman was fired yesterday. This was the biggest story of the day, as the Astros have to win at least two of the next three games in Washington in order to keep this fever dream season alive. Many people weighed in, because there was literally nothing else to talk about. I had some thoughts.

Luhnow, in an 18-minute press conference in Washington, yesterday:
[Taubman's] behavior was inappropriate and not representative of who the Astros are and our culture and what we stand for.

Luhnow was asked if he personally reached out to apologize to Stephanie Apstein, he said he was busy and didn't have time. She was sitting in the room. 

Jake Kaplan wonders if anything is coming down the pike for the tone-deaf initial response on Monday. If Brandon Taubman's wreckage is floated out into the Ship Channel on a flaming trash barge (but, like, respectfully) and the Astros win another World Series despite it, sign me up. Jenny Dial Creech: The Astros took a step in the right direction.

*Ben Reiter ranked his Top 50 Free Agents, with the team that offers the best fit in 2020.

1. Gerrit Cole (Yankees)
24. Will Harris (Astros)
27. Michael Pineda (Astros)
34. Robinson Chirinos (Astros)
40. Wade Miley (Twins)

*The Nationals believe they were runners-up to Tampa in the Charlie Morton sweepstakes last winter.

*Vice: Everything we know about the 39 bodies found in a truck east of London.

*A Musical Selection: