Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

You're not going to believe this, but the Houston Astros defeated the Seattle Mariners again. Here is the recap.

Gerrit Cole set a franchise strikeout record with 316 K's this season and counting.

Carlos Correa sat out once again with back tightness that inflicted him while on the plane to Seattle, but """""plans""""" to be in the lineup tomorrow. Carlos will now be taking a boat for ALDS road games in Tampa.

A.J. doesn't expect us to take it easy now that the division is locked up.

The Astros just in general are having a real good time.

So what's the plan with Miley? If not Miley, who else?

Can Alex Bregman do enough to pass Trout? He's trying.

Jose Urquidy looks like he will be seeing the 2020 rotation.

Joe Espada may be finding a manager job this offseason.

Bagwell v. Landscapers has officially kicked off.

The first article of a guy putting an insane amount of money on the Astros has now been uploaded to the Internet.

This might be my new favorite article headline: "After Woman bites Tiger Truck Stop Camel, Animal Given Precautionary Antibiotics"