Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros didn't play last night. They already clinched the division. The links will unsurprisingly be light today.

New episode of Jeter Lima Time Time has been released for you, the viewer.

Urquidy, Devenski, Abreu, Tucker? Postseason "for fun" tryouts start today.

Jake Kaplan is trying to forecast the 25 man roster himself ($)

Who is the scariest AL opponent for the upcoming postseason?

Your regularly scheduled "the Astros offense is nuts" article:

The October merch has arrived and I'm going to be honest, this stuff is already way better than last year's.

Tickets for the ALDS are dropping soon. If you want to go, you might want to read this.

Someone tracked down Roger Clemens and asked him a lot of questions about the Astros.

This couple got engaged right under Justin Verlander's giant painted face.

The Astros are in, but a lot of teams aren't. Here's what to keep an eye on for the rest of the regular season around baseball.

Some pilot had to make an emergency landing because he spilled his coffee on all his buttons.

People donated nearly $100,000 to a plumber when they found out he hadn't been charging elderly customers a dime.