Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Welcome to the Wednesday Morning Hot Links, or today we can call it, the Houston Chronicle Sports section.

2 days until Spring Training baseball and I got the #1 pick in my fantasy draft. Big day for Flick already.

Cavan Biggio's dad decided to hang out at camp today and talked about stuff.

Alex Bregman is continuing to progress from his surgery he had over the offseason.

The Astros won the popularity contest of "best uniforms in baseball".

I don't have a Daddy's Home joke at the ready, but there is definitely one here somewhere.

Chandler Rome talks Garrett Stubbs.

The first televised Spring Training game begins Sunday. 9 other games will be televised.

Bregman and Jake crashed Yuli's photoshoot and we found out the age old question to what happens to Yuli's new hairdo when a hat is pressed on it: it bounces back with authority.

On This Day in Baseball History

In 1963, Willie Mays signed the largest contract at the time in MLB history at $105,000.

In 1992, Mr. Montgomery Burns hired 9 professional MLB players to beat Shelbyville in the big softball game.