Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*Good morning. Pitchers and Catchers officially report tomorrow. Kyler Murray went to my (grad school) alma mater, won a Heisman there, and then screwed the A's. God bless Kyler Murray.

*Brian McTaggart predicts your 2019 25-Man Opening Day roster. I am extremely skeptical of his assertion that Tommy Manzella makes the team out of Spring Training.

*Gerrit Cole and the Astros had their arbitration hearing yesterday. Cole asked for $13.5m while the Astros offered $11.425m.

*Justin Verlander says the free agency system is broken.

*FanGraphs' Dan Szymborski has your 2019 Astros ZiPS projections. ZiPS looooooves Kyle Tucker.

*The Masked Marvel took a look at ZiPS projections from 2013-2019.

*OddsShark's 2019 odds to win the World Series:

Yankees: +700
Red Sox: +750
Astros: +800
Dodgers: +900

It is now time to start the No One Believed In Us chants.

*Nick Francona believes that exposing Gabe Kapler is worth getting blacklisted from baseball.

*Here's Tyler Kepner on Baseball's big Kyler Murray problem.

*The owner of the criminal organization known as the Miami Marlins has "zero patience" with the rebuild of the team he actually owns. Perhaps not trading Stanton and Yelich would have been more patient.

*The Ringer: On Alex Chilton.

*A Musical Selection:


Anonymous said...

So, lets say I put my house on the market and it sits there for a really long time because all of the offers are much lower than my asking price. I then say to myself that there is a problem in the overall housing market that is causing people to not give me what I wanted for my house. Should I stick to my price point and just wait while other similar houses are being sold at a discount compared to the price of my house?

I know that this is not apples to apples, but it is just economics. They are assuming that they can hit the lotto, so they are holding out for the big money. At some point, they need to look at the offers that are on the table and make a decision.

Terence said...

Eh, or you can look at the fact that the Baseball owners are richer than ever, MLB is more profitable than ever, they just made out like bandits on MLBAM (and somehow were able to cut the players out of the proceeds all together), and now the greedy bastards refuse to pay the young players what they're worth and they're refusing to pay veterans what they're worth. If you want to side with greedy billionaires over supremely talented and disciplined athletes who make significant sacrifices to give us the entertainment we so enjoy, what does that say about you?

Michael Carder said...

Am I the only one that's noticed that the Astro free agents are all still out there. What does that say about these players that all of them (MarGo, Dallas, Sipp and Gattis) were all key contributors in recent history. Now jobless. Poor Gattis. Haven't heard a word about him. Sad. Love him..