Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

Alright pitchers and catchers, get to reportin'. We have some baseballs to toss.

While they do that, I will also accomplish something by tossing around some articles in a hyperlink format on this blog page, which will hopefully hit you chest-high and with some force just in time to get the runner at first.

Here is an Astros 2019 Preview, now that the offseason is now over and baseball is back out of technicality.

Look here's a cute little slideshow of what everybody did last summer!!!

For a more serious and detailed rundown of what happened in everybody's personal life the last four months, you can go ahead and click here., the perfect blend of and the E! television station.

Alex Bregman is one of several players to speak publicly against the "opener"

Jake Kaplan takes on the biggest questions involving the Astros on The Athletic ($).

Charlie Morton spoke to the Tampa Bay media yesterday 😔

An Oregon wildlife center is allowing you to name a fish after your ex and then throw it directly at a bear. 

1 comment:

Terence said...

The dialogue around the idea of the "starter" is weird to me. The Giants had the second highest payroll in baseball at $213 million dollars last year and finished with 73 wins. The Rays had the 28th highest payroll at $85M and won 90 games in a division with the 108 win Red Sox and 100 win Yankees. This worked. It worked spectacularly. The Giants pitchers sound like morons. Any pitcher coming out against this is saying, "I don't value winning."

On the other hand, Bregman, Altuve, Springer, Correa....they should all be out in the media shaming pitchers and teams that do this. The Astros right handed heavy top of the lineup is the ideal target for "starters". I wonder if that's how Bregman really feels, or if it is just next level game theory.