Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Morning Hot Links

Good morning. This is the last Sunday without baseball in some form until October. God bless us, everyone.

*2018 Teams with 5.0+ fWAR position players:
2: Boston
2: Anaheim
2: Cleveland
2: Milwaukee
2: Colorado
1: Houston, Oakland, Washington, Atlanta, Kansas City, Arizona, Chicago Cubs.

Could the Astros have three 5.0+ fWAR position players?

*Alex Bregman is progressing from elbow surgery, having already taken care of hitting and fielding, he's now throwing the ball 90+ feet.

Elsewhere in that link, the coaching staff is doing team-building exercises and ropes courses and various icebreakers.

*Carlos Correa is feeling healthy for the first time in a while. Correa:
I learned so many things from my injury last year, and this year my main focus is I already showed up ready in Spring Training...I feel like I overdid it in Spring Training, so this year I'm going to be smarter about smart and not just hard all the time.

*Brian T. Smith: Michael Brantley deepens an already deep lineup.

*Detroit Free-Press: Here's how Justin Verlander plans to pitch until he's 45. Verlander:
You can start making adjustments now to prepare. The steps I've gone through the last four, five years to transform my body and get back to being healthy, (those) are going to allow me to, knock on wood, stay healthy and thrive late in my 30s, early 40s. 

Peep this quote from Luhnow:
Our payroll has been going up, it's going to continue to go up. There's room in there to have several well-compensated players. 


*Joe Smith and Allie LaForce share their story of fertility and Huntington's Disease.

*Marc Topkin has a host of stories about what a great person Former Astros Great and All-Time Astros Legend Charlie Morton is.

*Former Astros Great Cameron Maybin is now a Giant. Literally.

*A Musical Selection: