Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Morning Hot Links

Good morning, happy Friday, and welcome to The Post ALDS-Pre ALCS Hot Links Part 3 of 4. Not a lot has changed since we've last met, as we are still waiting for baseball to come back. It has been a long week and I am not ready for the offseason to start. posted some "fun facts" about all the potential upcoming postseason matchups, but honestly I'm just going to tell you now, Fun Fact #1 is "iF tHe BrEwErS aNd AsTrOs PlAy EaCh OtHeR, yOu WoN't KnOw WhIcH tEaM iS iN wHiCh LeAgUe!" If you don't want to read it because of this joke, I get it. If you can push through this joke, it isn't too bad.

Good Guy Marwin Gonzalez was up to his old tricks. Here's my Good Guy Marwin Gonzalez story: When I was down in Houston on vacation, he was doing an autograph signing and they had some thing that was like "first X amount of people for sure will get to meet Marwin." I got there late because I don't live in Houston. In fact, I don't live anywhere close to Houston, so I got there late because I didn't know where I was going and I was definitely not in the first X amount of people. He ended up staying and signing things for everyone who showed up to that session. It was supposed to be an hour long autograph session that started at noon, I met him around 1:15, and there was still probably another 20-30 people behind me. We might have some superstars, perhaps even some future Hall of Famers, but Marwin Gonzalez will always be my favorite Astro.

Jim Bowden reports that Hector Rondon is expected to be added onto the ALCS roster, potentially removing Evan Gattis for the upcoming series.

Here is an excellent article about Martin Maldonado and his love of being a catcher.

When somebody asked Tito if Jose Ramirez killed the Indians hopes of winning the series, he was angry.

Jake Marisnick talks about the Green Monster and how Minute Maid prepares them for playing with it.

Pick up your new Alex Bregman-themed T-Shirt.

Here is an inside look at how Maldonado and Osuna have been integrated and accepted into this Astros team.

Everybody loves George Springer.

You still have time to buy a mattress from Mattress Mack and get it free when the Astros win it all again.

Joe West is our crew chief, which is better than Angel Hernandez who is not umpiring anywhere.

Chris Paul talks about how the Astros will beat you.

Carlos Correa has a wedding date set. Letting you know now before you see it on Good Morning America.

Here are 13 celebrities to look out for at Minute Maid Park this year because for some reason I decided right after making that Chris Paul link that I wanted the rest of this blog post to look like the E! News front page.

Justin Verlander on how he stays in shape and what a typical date night looks like with Kate Upton YES I AM STICKING TO THIS BIT I GUESS THIS IS JUST WHAT THIS BLOG HAS BECOME NOW.

You may not realize it, but Charlie Morton hits a lot of batters.

On This Day in Baseball History

In 1907, Mordecai Brown, a man who had three fingers on his throwing hand, shut out the Detroit Tigers and won the Cubs the 1907 World Series.

In 1929, the A's were down 8-0 and went on to have a 10 run 7th to win the game with a 10-8 final.

In 1949, Vin Scully did his first ever radio broadcast as Maryland University played Boston University at football at Fenway Park.

In 1982, Paul Molitor became the first player in World Series history to collect five hits in one game.

In 2005, a controversial call decided the White Sox/Angels ALCS Game 2 as A.J. Pierzynski reached first base on a dropped third strike. Pierzynski was pinch run for, scored, and the White Sox won the game 2-1. 

In 2012, the Cardinals score 4 runs in the 9th off of Drew Storen after being down to their final strike to win the NLDS 9-7.

In 2015, the Cubs became the first team to ever hit 6 home runs in a postseason game.