Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

I am so sad this needs to stop Alexa play Pennyroyal Tea.

The Astros dropped another game at home last night against Colorado, 5-1. This is not at all a fun time to be an Astros fan. A.J. Hinch says the team is "frustrated". Thank you A.J. for the new information. I will not discuss another Astros game in detail until we win. Please respect my decision.

Big thanks to the national media for reminding us that the division will be a close race.

Big thank you (for real) to Hunter Atkins to update us on all the injuries so I don't have to go researching about every player.

The Crawford Boxes ask the question: who should be our closer?

Call to the Pen ask the question: is Gattis too streaky to keep?

Gary Pettis' son is hitting dingers in batting practice even though he plays the football.

Don't get scammed by illegitimate parking lot monarchs.

Brad Lidge is selling his big 'ol home for a whole lot of money.

A toddler knows the Astros lineup and their batting stances. 

Emily Moore from SI Kids got to see what a typical Julia Morales day looks like.

Some girl on Reddit wrote a 13 page research paper titled "Kiké Hernandez’s Tight Pants: A Longitudinal Study Comparing Performance and Pants Tightness".



In 1951, Willie Mays made an insane catch and throw against Brooklyn in 1951. Some believe it was allegedly better than The Catch, but sadly there is no video footage of the play.

In 1975, Orioles manager Earl Weaver was ejected twice in one day.

In 1990, Phillies pitcher Terry Mulholland threw a no-hitter and only faced 27 batters (a double play erased a throwing error).

In 2011, Jim Thome hit #600.

In 2012, Felix Hernandez threw the first perfect game in Mariners history. This was also the 3rd perfect game of 2012 (the most in a single season), as former Astros great Philip Humber threw his AGAINST the Mariners and Matt Cain threw his against, well, you know...