Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday Morning Hot Links

IF THE ASTROS AREN'T GOING TO TRY TO WIN BASEBALL GAMES, THEN I'M NOT GOING TO WRITE ABOUT THEM. Well, maybe I will, but I can assure you I will be very sad when I write these.

Here's the Astros "Legends" Home Run Derby results. Who would I pick for the 2019 Home Run Derby? Well, I'm glad you asked! Give me actual legends like Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman, Chris Carter, and I guess we can keep Luke Scott if he continues to hit dingers like he did. Now THAT'S what I call a Home Run Derby! (and yes I am aware Chris Carter is much younger than the other Astros I listed and therefore, he would probably win but I don't care because dangit he IS an Astros legend and deserves this honor. Miss u Trogdor. Come back to Minute Maid Park, flick your wrist, and send some baseballs over the oxy sign </3)

If you missed the derby or just want to listen to Steve Sparks hurl high pitch screams into a handheld microphone he clearly forgot he was holding, you can check out the entire competition here.

Well we knocked out the pregame festivities. The Astros lost again. Let's not drag this out any longer than it needs to be. For the first time in history, the Mariners have won 4 in a row against Houston.

Edwin Diaz is ridiculously elite.

Really the only good thing the Astros did was this.

Officer John Barnes, who was vital in stopping the Sante Fe school shooting in May, threw out the first pitch at yesterday's game.

Forrest Whitley will be off the DL very soon.

Chandler Rome talks the bright spot that is Tyler White.

Relief pitcher Devin Raftery has made a pretty cool comeback to professional baseball after the Astros cut him due to a devastating injury.

Here is your daily injury roundup!
Altuve - Still can't run. Still a very fuzzy timeline for a return.
Devenski and McCann - Expect a rehab assignment sometime this week.
Marisnick - Probably won't be back until September.
McCullers - September
Springer - Eligible to come off the DL Thursday. He cannot swing a bat right now, so he will likely need more than the minimum time.

Look at my dudes, the crows, keeping our planet clean.

Some students in Egypt created an air-powered car.

On This Day in Baseball History

In 1951, the Dodgers had Musical Depreciation Night, where you got in free if you brought your musical instrument to the game.

In 1979, Lou Brock got his 3000th hit.

In 1995, 63 year old Mickey Mantle lost his battle with liver cancer.

In 2006, Greg Maddux pitched to Barry Bonds three times. This is the only game that a 300+ game winner pitched to a 700+ home run hitter.