Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

Maybe instead of getting that new Pressly shirsey, you give the money to the Houston Area Women's Center

*The Astros lost 2-0 to James F. Paxton. It's their 5th loss in a row, breaking the 2018 season-high record for consecutive losses, set on Sunday, and tied the day before. The Astros are officially in a slump. They're 67-41, three games up on the Mariners.

*Evan Gattis had a three-run homer wrap just foul, pretty indicative of the last week and a half of Astros baseball.

*James Paxton threw 7IP, 3H/0ER, 8K:0BB...and did it in just 82 pitches. He improves to 6-3 with a 2.59 ERA / 1.06 WHIP in his career against Houston. Astros players have hit three home runs off of him in 66 innings. George Springer hit all three, two of those led off the game.

*Ryan Pressly bounced back, getting four outs in 14 pitches.

*Gerrit Cole threw 6.2IP, 4H/2ER, 8K:2BB. He has thrown 6+ IP and recorded two or fewer earned runs in 13 of his 22 starts. It's his 16th start of 8+ strikeouts.

*Gerrit Cole is 10-3. Cole, when taking the L: 19.2IP, 13H/5ER, 21K:7BB. The Astros have scored two runs when Cole's decision is a Loss.

*It's the 19th time Houston pitchers have held their opponents to four or fewer hits. They're now 16-3. In the three losses - two to Anaheim, one to Seattle - Houston scored a combined one run.

*Since the All-Star Break, Houston is 3-6 and hitting .190/.277/.325. They've been held to five or fewer hits in four of those nine games and are averaging 3.67 runs/game.

*Of course the big story of the day was the Astros' acquisition of the currently-suspended-for-domestic-violence Roberto Osuna, formerly of the Toronto Blue Jays. The Astros sent Ken Giles, Hector Perez, and David Paulino. I wrote about what we knew at approximately 5pm Central time yesterday regarding the Osuna case.

To put a footnote on it, I guess, I'd like to mention that you can't analyze this trade from a "purely baseball perspective," because without the information unrelated to baseball, there's no way this trade gets made. Toronto isn't trading Osuna from the vacuum of the baseball field. They're only trading him because of the domestic violence charge. Will his girlfriend drop the charges? Maybe! But that doesn't mean he didn't do whatever we don't know he did.

*Shoutout to Paul Gallant, here's why Canadian law makes it harder to find out what happened with Osuna.

*Toronto Sun: Osuna was ordered to stay "100 meters" away from the victim.

*Osuna will address the team in Los Angeles on Sunday.

*Check Brian McTaggart's piece on Osuna, with video from the clubhouse.

*Jenny Dial Creech: About that "zero-tolerance" (as long as the first instance is with somebody else) policy...

*SI's Emma Baccielleri: "It's easier to assign a dollar value to optics than to morals." Good-ass relievers currently facing charges of domestic violence are the new market inefficiency.

*Buster Olney:
No matter what comes to light with Osuna's history, the Astros have forfeited the right to be "disappointed" or "shocked" or "surprised" or "angered" or any other euphemism that teams tend to use when a player does something appalling. Houston has surrendered the high ground, aggressively. 

*FanGraphs' Jeff Sullivan with perhaps the Column of the Day:
As a baseball trade, there's enough here to be fascinating. But this isn't just a baseball trade...

...For the fans for whom it is more complicated, the Astros today have scored an own goal. They made a trade they didn't need to make for a player still looking ahead to a court date. The Astros know exactly what they're doing. That's kind of what makes this so difficult to stomach.

*Keith Law: Just because you throw baseballs good doesn't excuse domestic violence.

*Despite asking "several" members of the Astros for their thoughts on acquiring Osuna, we know that the Astros asked Altuve for his thoughts on acquiring Osuna. But Verlander, Correa, and McHugh said they weren't.

*The Astros tried to cut off questions after a positive baseball question regarding Osuna.

*Ken Rosenthal from 2016: Why do abusers get to play in the postseason and PED guys don't?

*The Ringer's Michael Baumann:
Using PEDs is a violation against the integrity of the game, of an entertainment concern. Striking a romantic partner, in addition to being a criminal offense, is a life-altering violation of trust for the third of American women and quarter of American men who have suffered intimate partner violence, and a violation unfathomable for those of us who have been fortunate enough not to have experienced it...Wanting to win so badly that you're willing to view a player's domestic violence suspension as a trade opportunity is a choice. 

*A.J. Hinch was thankful for Ken Giles last year. Hinch:
I don't know that we get to the World Series without him.

*The Masked Marvel wrote about how to improve the Astros, published shortly before the Osuna news. And has another post this morning.

*Carlos Correa, currently digging graves in Antarctica, is apparently headed on a rehab assignment soon! "Soon!" meaning 10 years after the earth crashes into the sun. Jake Kaplan says the absence of Correa AND Altuve leaves the Astros in uncharted territory.

*More Jake Kaplan! Jake Kaplan's history of the Randy Johnson trade.

*J.A. Tayler says the Ryan Pressly trade is sneaky good.

*J.B. Bukauskas and Seth Beer were promoted from Quad Cities to Buies Creek.

*2016 2nd Round pick Ronnie Dawson was promoted to Corpus.

*Recently DFA'd Tim Federowicz elected free agency over going back to Fresno.

*The Astros Foundation gave $75K to the Santa Fe Texas Education Foundation.

*Rustin Dodd on Brett Phillips' first 48 hours as a Royal.

*Sean Doolittle had a good thread.

*Now that they're on the cusp of their first playoff spot in 17 years, can the Mariners afford to give Felix the ball every five days?

*Yu Darvish clapped back at A-Rod.

*Lawson Craddock, Houston native, finished last in the 2018 Tour de France. Here's a fun story.


Craig Harmann said...

Good job of sharing a lot of thoughts about Osuna. Was what he did deplorable and inexcusable? No doubt. Is he an excellent pitcher? Yes. But is that worth the PR hit and possible issues that may or may not cause in the locker room? The front office seems to think so. I’m not excited about this at all, but I’m hopeful that he gets a fresh start, does everything right and makes a legitimate fresh start and turns his life around. I won’t boo him. I’m just having a hard time balancing the two sides of all of this.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was tough, man. I’ve loved the Astros my whole life, inherited my fandom from my sweet grandma, and now I can’t watch my favorite team without being reminded of the darkest, most terrifying time in my past, when I woke up every morning wondering if it was the day I would die. The worst part is that we don’t even need Osuna. I fucking hate Jeff Luhnow.

Chas R said...

Very controversial, disappointing, and concerning that this trade doesn't cause a distraction or other issues. The timing of the trade while they are in the middle of a collective offensive slump is particularly bad. Luhnow and his team have been brilliant up to now. I am hoping they have done everything possible to mitigate this from becoming a huge disaster for the 2018 season.

Bill Peacock said...

The article you pointed to showed nothing about "why Canadian law makes it harder to find out what happened with Osuna." However, it did make me feel glad to live in America where our constitution helps protect us from laws that presume guilt.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, the reactions to this is so over the top. DV is horrible, nobody disputes that but none of you know the facts and we're talking about PTSD flashbacks to the day someone almost died? While all DV is horrible, there are degrees of horrible. Slapping someone once or twice (for the first and only time in your life) certainly is not the same as beating someone within an inch of their death.

MLB suspended him by his consent. The court will do what the court does. He has been remorseful. He has explained himself to Jeff Luhnow and will do so to the rest of the team. Don't people deserve second chances anymore? Do we have a history of him doing this? No. Do you know what he did? No. Couldn't he prove himself as a reformed person before you hate him? You should let him try.

Finally, this is baseball. It is not church or school or a dating app. You don't have to like every player and every player certainly isn't a saint-I certainly have issues with players on the team but it is baseball. It is a game. Watch it and shut up or don't watch it and cry in your safe space.

Anonymous said...

Did I want this trade- absolutely not. But I'm of the belief that good things come from bad situations. The player gets a fresh start, the girlfriend gets him out of the country, the team gets a bullpen upgrade, and the issue is brought to the forefront and a dialogue is had. While the optics on the surface are not good, the situation is improved for all involved- as long as the player commits to improving himself off the field.

Anonymous said...

It was more than a slap, the victim needed medical attention at a hospital.

In Canada, you are presumed innocent.

Anonymous said...

In court, you are presumed innocent. In the public eye you are always guilty until you prove your innocence .I hate that it's this way but people will latch on to this until the next thing that annoys them to a point that they they mount their high horse.